Having a proper domain name is one of the biggest assets for a business as it will help you to have a better reach in the digital world. It does not matter what your business is. Having a proper domain name and a website is one of the first things that you should have while starting a business.

Domain name

A domain name is the address of the site on the internet through which your site can be located. To put in lay man’s words, it is the name of the particular website.

Different types of domain names

When it comes to categories, there are two major categories of domain names which further have subcategories. The two main categories are Top Level Domains which are commonly referred to as the TLD and second category is the Generic Top Level Domains which are referred to as gTLDs.


Top Level Domains

In the internet’s DNS structure they are considered to be the highest level domains. These Top Level Domains are categorized into three types. They are country code top level domains which are called as ccTDLs, Generic top-level domains which are referred to as gTLD and IDN ccTLD which is internationalized country code top-level domains.

Generic Top Level Domains

The generic top level domains will have extensions .info (information), .mobi (mobile), .biz (business), .XXX (Adult sites), .travel (Travel), .aisa (Asian organizations). They include the most common extensions such as .com, .net and .org. It also consists of some restricted domain extensions.

Advantages of generic domains to business


Branding is one of the important aspects of any business. A proper generic domain in any business will help them have a better reach in terms of their brand. The domain name is the very first representation of any business in the digital world. It contributes a lot to strike a chord with the audience.


Branding is just the initial part of marketing. A good domain name is a great plus point to market their services or products. It actually helps to easily remember the name of the organization and reach out when there is a requirement.

Customer Experience

gTLD will let the customers know what they can expect. It actually presets their minds so that there are not many disappointments. For example, if there is something called yummypasteries.bakery, it is very evident that it is a site address of a bakery.

Impact on Business

Local targeting and SEO benefits

The first and the most important impact that it has on any business is helping in local targeting and has a positive impact on SEO. By choosing the ccTLD as the main domain extension, you can easily target people in a particular area. The ccTLDs will also help to get better ranking in area-based searches.

Domain Names

Increases buyers confidence

The ccTLDs will contribute a lot to build your credibility. Generally, the visitors prefer purchasing through a local site. It will boost the confidence of the customer.

Helps in creativity

There is a process called domain hack which many companies use to build a strong brand. It is built by using both the domain name and ccTLD together. Some examples include beach.es for a ccTLD is France and subscri.be a Belgian ccTLD.