A generic top-level domain is generally referred to as the gTLD. As the name states, it is a top level domain name of an internet address. It can be any kind of address like .com which is used for commercial purposes, .net which is used for all kinds of purposes, . org that is used for various organizations, .gov that is used by government organizations,.mil which is used for military, .edu which is used for educational institutions, and .int that is used for international treaties. In addition to generic top-level domains there is a category called the country code top-level domain name that is commonly referred to as ccTLD. It specifies top-level domain names in every particular country.

During November 2000, ICANN – Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers approved seven additional gTLDs. ICANN is a group that is based out of Los Angles. It actually oversees the domain name distribution all across the globe.  Their new gTDLs restricted .biz only to business and made .info open to everyone. .pro was very much restricted to licensed professionals like doctors and .name for personal name registrations. .aero was confined to air travel and aeronautical-related things. .museum was for all museum-related things and .coop for all the co-operative businesses such as credit unions. These were the ones that were selected by the group out of forty proposed suffixes. Some of the rejected gTLDs are .kid, .site, .xxx, .home, .dot and .site. There is a lot that is still being discussed for approval. gTLD applicants are still negotiating with ICANN for various approvals.

Most of the applicants are stating that adding these new gTLDs will provide various opportunities for various businesses and it will create a new space in the internet domain names. On the contrary, some say that adding these new gTLDs will create a lot of confusion and it will increase the possibility of risk trademark infringement, cybersquatting and cyberpiracy. Both the arguments that are being placed are absolutely logical, and hence a lot must be considered before taking any decisions.


There are a lot of organizations that are approved by ICANN for domain registration for both individuals and business. Till this point, they have not provided permission or accredited to do pre-registration for new gTLDs. So if anyone is doing it, it will be at their own risk.

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