Blogging is a career option for many people. There are many opportunities in the blogging world from creating content about subjects such as travel, food, fashion, and personal blogs. Every blogger’s dream is to draw traffic to their blog site and have minimal incurring expenses while running it. That’s why most prefer to start blogging through blogging platforms like blogger. It is an excellent way to start but not in the long run when the blogger hopes to earn money through their services.

According to most experienced bloggers relying on blogging platforms is a huge mistake to be avoided. It is advisable to register and build your custom blog. It will save you later in your career like we will discuss the advantages.


Hidden Costs on Blogging Platforms

The blogging platform might be free, but there is no free lunch. There are hidden costs especially when you
want to update or redesign a template. The most professional looking models come at a cost. The free
accounts mantra is a way to attract bloggers to the platform. The expenses will be higher than creating a
custom blog in the long run.

More Love from Search Engines

Search engines such as Google and Bing will give you more exposure if your blog is custom made. The
specific domain that you have bought, created and registered will have a high likelihood of being indexed in
search engines. It is less likely to be indexed when you are using a blogging platform. A custom domain thus
will have high visibility.

Keeping it Short

blogging platform

People love brand names that are easy to remember or search. A long name is tedious and easy to forget. An
example of a subdomain is like That subdomain is very long and difficult to remember
while a custom domain is short to the owner’s preference like The shorter the URL, the easier to
spell it to prospective customers and the simpler for them to remember.

Limited Storage Space

On blog platforms, there is a promise of limitless free storage space. To the surprise of most bloggers is that
after uploading many pictures the platforms start to ask for charges. This is to allow the blogger to pay. With
your custom domain, you will have limitless storage space, and you will not pay an extra cent to anyone.
Search traffic and Page Rank

When you host a blog on WordPress or Blogger and gains enough online traffic, it will be ranked by Alexa
rank and Page rank. When you change your blog to a custom domain, you will not retain the same page rank
again. A person usually starts from zero to gain traffic back. For a few days, the custom domain will not be indexed by the search engines. Thus your ardent followers might be left hanging when they search the domain name. This could mean the loss of traffic to your blog for a week or more. The loss of traffic suggests the loss of advertising income.